SBR Latex

SBR Waterproofing
SBR Waterproofing
For Waterproofing of Terrace, Balconies, Bathroom, Toilet. SBR Waterproofing Additive is a liquid, water based styrene-butadiene polymer latex additive for cement systems. It improves the durability, water resistance and strength of cement mortars. When used as part of a cement bonding slurry it will improve the adhesion of screeds, toppings and renders. Mortars mixed with Watco SBR Waterproofing Additive have these advantages:

  • Improved adhesion and bonding
  • Easier to work with less water required
  • Reduced shrinkage and cracking on curing
  • Improved water resistance
  • Greater strength
  • Greater wear resistance
  • Improved freeze/thaw resistance
  • Large ramps and differences in floor levels can be made economically with sand/cement mixes containing Watco SBR Waterproofing Additive. The minimum thickness at any point (including edges) is 6mm. Watco SBR Waterproofing Additive also allows screeds to be laid as little as 25 – 50mm (typically min 75mm without the additive). SBR does not particularly accelerate or retard the setting of ordinary Portland cement mixes when used in accordance with the instructions overleaf.


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